This week has been a busy week for me. I’m running my first crochet giveaway as I’ve reached 2500 subscribers on YouTube. Get your entries in quickly as it ends at 6:00 AM GMT. I will be giving away three appliqués to three lucky winners. To enter leave a comment on my Crochet Bald Eagle Tutorial Video.

The other big news for this week is that I’ve entered into the Granny Square Design Contest run by All Crochet Patterns. By voting you have the chance to win 100 balls of wool. Voting ends on the 23rd of April.

I’ve put in these entries.

Granny square contest unicorn

Granny square contest girl with a basket of flowers

Granny square contest owl

Granny square contest teddy bear

To vote go to Granny Square Design Competition and select your favourite designs.

Attaching a Crochet Appliqué to a Crochet Item


  • Appliqué and crochet item to attach it to. I’m using a Crochet Penguin today.
  • Matching sewing thread or the same cotton or wool used to crochet the appliqué.
  • Sewing needle.
  • Scissors.
  • Pin to attach the appliqué to the item if desired.

The easiest way to explain and show you is the video tutorial available here.

Attaching the Crochet Applique to the Crochet Item

Position the appliqué to the item as desired.

Attaching appliques to items placement of penguin

Using the same colour cotton as the appliqué, pass the needle with cotton through one stitch on the crochet item just under the appliqué and one stitch on the appliqué and pull fairly tight.

Attaching appliques to items sewing on penguin

Attaching appliques to items sewing on penguin 3

Attaching appliques to items sewing on penguin

Keeping the stitches close repeat this all the way around the appliqué and fasten off. The stitching shouldn’t show up on the back of the crochet item. Here’s what the finished granny square with the penguin looks like from the back.

Finished attaching appliques to items rear view

And here’s the granny square from the front.

Finished attaching appliques to items landscape