Crochet Term Translations


I’ve been getting some requests recently for my patterns in other languages. Unfortunately I only speak English and am not able to translate them for people.

I’ve looked around and I’ve found some translations that Enfys and Helen of Rainbow Valley Crochet have spent time on and created a wonderful table with crochet terms in multiple languages. Head over to the site and see Crochet terms from around the world to get translations of the terms I use and there is also a wide variety of patterns, tutorials and coaching available as well. I hope that you find this helpful and enjoy the site.

Technical Issues

Hello everyone,

Sorry but I won’t be able to do the pattern and tutorial this week. Our computer with all of the video and photo editing software has unfortunately died. We’ve ordered a new computer which is on the way so the crochet lion tutorial video and pattern will be up for next Friday. I hope you understand and I’m looking forward to getting new patterns for you.


Crochet Pattern eBook and Newsletter

I’m setting up a newsletter for Kerri’s Crochet and to celebrate I’m releasing my first eBook.

The eBook is a catalogue of all of the patterns for the Crochet Cat Towel. So you get the Cat, Bird, Flower, Grass and Beachball crochet patterns combined in the one easy to read format.

Crochet Cat Towel eBook Cover Page

The Crochet Pattern Cat Towel eBook comes free with your subscription to Kerri’s Crochet Newsletter.

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Social Media Accounts


For all of you that would like to keep up to date with my regular updates I have accounts on Pinterest, Instagram and my Youtube Channel which you can click on the links and subscribe to.

I hope to see you there and look forward to making patterns with you.


Crochet Ladybug Preview


Tomorrow I will be uploading a pattern for a crochet appliqué ladybug to this blog with an accompanying tutorial video on Youtube going through it’s creation if you would like to follow along.

Ladybug Finished

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

New video and design coming tomorrow

Hello all,

There is a new original design of a dog with a bone that will be coming tomorrow. Here is a quick look at what it will look like.

Dog with a bone

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


I’m going to be posting crochet patterns and how-to videos for designs that I’ve made. Stay tuned to see the latest designs and get step-by-step guides to making great new crochet projects.